Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tranquil way

Life is a like a mystique wind,
which goes on forever.
Run!Run! for endless things,
for man has no time to search for its quest.

Death will arrive their is no thrive,
then what makes him so fray

Nature's Plight!To man's delight,
Look around to the trees for they
are in their feast.

But man has no time to wait & watch,
for his life is on its pace of chaos.
Keep on Running for its Stunning,
to have no check of passing time.

Not knowing for 'How to live?'
his quest for peace remains like a beast.
For how long this will go,
is a mark you have to sow.

If  you are a warrior!
then give it a Start,
Since your Search 'll fetch you
all the stars...

Happiness is the end of life,
for which we strive day & night
and till end what is missing
is 'happiness' in life.

So,take out time & know yourself
for that is the only ray which 'll
take you to the bay & will give
your mind a Tranquil Way...

Monday, February 28, 2011


This life on its pace of chaoes,
getting me cross through the inner course.

With a content in my Heart & Love in my soul,
my pace to live is taking me to the nearest shore.

With a glimpse on my Face & Glee on my lips,
this life is no more taking a risk.

For all day & for all night,
I take a sigh of an inner bliss.

With  the grace of  GOD,
I have been made to walk on this road.

With the entire universe engulfing me,
 to feel the protected Soul.

Moving UP or Moving Down,
each step is marked by an Inner Growth.

To live on the shore or to die on the road,
things are there in your hands..

For "How" you take on this,
with a SENSING HEART....